Fluid Technology for Life Science Applications

High pressure gas control system

High-precision pressure and flow measurement technology, coupled with proportional and valve technology, control the gaseous medium precisely to the set pressure and flow.

Miniaturised valve block

Compact, low-noise and energy-efficient valve, pump and measuring technology, combined in the smallest installation space.

Micro valve block

Micro valve with 10 mm size for high pneumatic pressures and highest tightness.

Dosing unit

Compact pump block for pumping and dosing of aggressive, liquid media.

Media-flushed valves

Media-flushed micro and miniature valves for compact, energy-efficient, and smart fluid control systems. Despite their small dimensions, these valves surprise with their high performance in terms of flow rate, operating pressure, and service life.

Media-separated valves

Media-separated valves are used in vacuum technology, diagnostics, medical technology, and laboratory automation. The diverse media separation principles lead to a broad performance spectrum, with a focus on maximum reliability.

Proportional valves

Pressure and flow regulation as well as control of gaseous and liquid media. From lowest to highest pressure and flow, these devices can reliably control and regulate the medium.


Efficient filters against bacteria, particles, moisture, and aerosols ensure the required purity of the medium. Filtration is reliable, efficient, with the lowest pressure drop and, if desired, monitored.


Pressure and flow measurement of gaseous and liquid media. From lowest to highest pressure and flow, these sensors measure the medium precisely and continuously.


Oxygen fittings or clean fittings, made of stainless steel, brass or biocompatible high-performance plastic, with or without seals, as standard or bespoke design. With this variety, any medium can be connected.

Product Manager

António Paula