Worm gear screw jacks (THOMSON)

Thomson's worm gear screw jacks MULI® and JUMBO® set new engineering standards for precision and reliability.  Designed with state-of-the-art CAD and CAE systems and adhering to stringent manufacturing requirements, these screw jacks meet all the necessary safety, cost-efficiency, and durability mandates of your application. 

Large projects can be realized at short notice thanks to the use of preassembled modules.  These modules can be customized to your application's specifications. Above all, the heart of every MULI and JUMBO screw jack is a precision trapezoidal or ball screw drive of superb quality from Thomson's own screw production. In general, there are two considerations: 

  • Trapezoidal screw for rough conditions and good price/performance ratio
  • Ball screw for long duty cycle, high efficiency, and high positioning accuracy

Product Manager

Nuno Paula