Drum Pumps (FLUIMAC)

The drum pumps and container pumps NEPTUNE are light, handly and powerful devices for an economic and safe filling and transferring of thin fluid up to middle viscous, neutral or aggressive media out of drums and containers. They can be used as transportable or stationary drum and container pumps and are designed for a intermittent, non-continuous use. A well engineered and technologically clear design our drum pumps guarantees you an efficient and operationally reliable usage. Different pump tubes of our drum pumps for different media are interchangeable and can be used with same electric or pneumatic driven motor. Outside ex areas our pump tubes can be also combined with the motors of some of our competitors and vice versa.


The pump tubes of drum pumps are available in polypropylene (for aggressive media as cleaning agents, acids and alkalies, up to 50 ° C), PVDF (for highly aggressive media or when the medium temperature is between 50 and 90 °C), aluminium (for mineral oil products) or stainless steel 316Ti (for flammable liquids such as gasoline or solvents or thin liquid food).


Electric or air operated motors

Drum and container pumps consist of a high-performance, internally or externally ventilated universal motor, which is also available in an explosion-proof version and a pump tube that is suitable for the application.


The manual hand pumps are always a useful and cost-effective alternative to conventional electric or air operated drum pumps when only small quantities of media have to be removed out of canisters or drums or if the customer would use the drum pump only occasionally or rarely.


Product Manager

Daniela Bonito