Peristaltic pumps (FLUIMAC)

FLUIMAC HELIOS pumps are peristaltic, volumetric type pumps used to pump various fluids.
This fluid is contained in a flexible tube mounted inside a circular pump casing.

A multiple "roller" rotor, attached to the outer circumference of the rotor, compresses the flexible tube.
When the rotor rotates, the part of the tube in compression is pinched and closed, thus forcing the fluid to be pumped to move through the tube.
In addition, when the tube opens in its natural state, a flow of fluid is induced to the pump. This process is called peristalsis.


  • Made of an elastic, non-plastic tube that resists crushing and returns to its original size
  • Run dry, without valves and seals
  • Self-priming and reversible
  • Ideal for applications requiring considerable suction capacity or maximum delicacy in fluid transfer
  • Retains the original characteristics of the fluid (no emulsion, no foam, no contamination)
  • Suitable for use in explosive environments
  • High dosing accuracy

In addition, HELIOS peristaltic pumps, thanks to their simplicity of manufacture and reduced maintenance time, allow you to save your costs, because the only component to wear is the rubber hose which can be replaced quickly and easily.


  • Water treatment
  • Food and Beverages
  • Wine industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Paints and coatings
  • Adhesives and glues
  • Ceramic treatment
  • Steel industry
  • Construction industry
  • Maritime industry
  • Mining industry


  • Peristaltic dosing pumps
  • Low pressure
  • Capacity up to about 2800 l/h - delivery head up to 4 bar
  • Viscosity up to 15000 cps
  • Achievable suction up to 6 mts


  • Capacity up to about 25000 l/h - delivery head up to 10 bar
  • Viscosity up to 60000 cps
  • Achievable suction up to 8 mts


  • Capacity up to about 64000 l/h - delivery head up to 8 bar
  • Viscosity up to 60000 cps
  • Achievable suction up to 8 mts

Product Manager

Daniela Bonito