Hybrid systems (DAIKIN)

A Revolutionary Idea for Saving Energy in Industry

Actual facts about energy consumption in the manufacturing industries Being economic with lighting and air conditioning, control of the number of compressors, air humidifiers, the use of high performance engines - the considerations about this are limited!"Are there, then, no revolutionary industrial energy saving measures?" said Daikin to the customer. 45% of energy in industry is used for processing, with 70% of the energy being used without any relationship to the number of products created. The necessary public disclosure by the state of the amount consumed in industry in basic units for administration (energy consumption / production quantity) makes a reduction of the defined quantities especially important.

The biggest share of the defined energy consumption is consumed by hydraulic equipment, oil cooling, cooling pumps, which is why it is necessary to reduce these three factors, but, as they are directly linked with production, they have not been taken in to account up until.


Advanced energy-saving electrical control.
ECORICH achieves dramatic improvement of energy-saving for small industrial machineries and machine tools.

The ability to save more than 50% energy - while maintaining the pressure

  • Due to reduced engine speed, while maintaining the pressure, energy is saved over the entire range. We have developed a special control high performance SR motor using a constant pump with small displacement volume.

High dynamic response

  • A special SR motor with low inertia and high torque at low speed and high dynamic response inverter. The leading pump with variable volume and equal and higher response dynamics (while maintaining the pressure - operating time of the highest flow volume up to 0.1 sec).


Key to achieving dramatic factory energy-savings.

The SUPER UNIT offers wide applications for machine tools and general industrial machinery such as press.

  • The high-efficiency IPM motor drive system that utilizes the DAIKIN original air conditioning motor and inverter technologies provides a high energy-saving ratio-50%
  • Four or sixteen pressure - flow rate setting patterns are available for cylinder control
  • Low noise level
  • Multi-stage P-Q remote control by communication
  • The SUT series product lineup contains producrs with various capacities, from 7.0 MPa and 1.5 L/min to 20.6 MPa and 110 L/min. Furthermore, "pump & motor type" and "unit type" are selectable. Thus, the SUPER UNIT can flexibility meet almost any user's needs.
  • Daikin Ecorich

Product Manager

Paulo Faustino