Water flow sensors (CKD)

WFK2 Series

Flow rate sensor for water that covers 0.4 to 250 L/min.

Switch setting for various outputs can be made and IO-Link communication is supported.

It is equipped with a water temperature measurement function as standard and supports fluid temperature up to 95°C, making it ideal for various monitoring of cooling water.

ATEX Directive added support
Explosion-proof performance :Ⅱ 3G Ex ec ⅡC T4 Gc

Selectable output
It can be switched among flow rate, temperature switch output, analog output and IO-Link communication (option).
It also supports switching between PNP and NPN.

Water temperature measuring function
All models feature a water temperature measurement function as standard.
It can handle cold water to hot water of up to 95°C without the provision of a temperature sensor, improving the management level.

Wide flow rate range
The detection range of the flow rate lower limit is expanded to support a wide flow range.

Flow rate adjustment mechanism
The flow rate can be adjusted using the manual cock (option).

WFK3 Series

Detection flow rate sensor for water. A compact and simple design suitable for mounting to equipment.

Space saving
The compact design helps save space in equipment and systems.

Output variation
S type with analog output 1 point, M type with switch output 2 points, and C type with analog 1 point / switch 1 point are available for various applications.

Unit support
Can be mounted on the integrated unit for water control WXU, drastically reducing the space for water piping, design and steps in piping


Product Manager

Nuno Paula