Legionella testing kits (HYDROSENSE)


Our preventive detection solution

  • The test is designed to test for the presence of Legionella pneumophila bacteria, serogroups 1 to 15, in camples taken from any water source.
  • The test uses lateral flow technology.

  • The three-line test isolates the bacteria and distinctly identifies the presence of serogroup 1 on one test line and serogroup 2 to 15 on another.

  • The test is highly efficient and can detect Legionella levels as low as 100 CFU/L (or 0.1 CFU/ml).

  • It also provides action levels of 1,000 CFU/L (or 1 CFU/ml) and 10,000 CFU/L (or 10 CFU/ml).

Where can it be useful?

  • Wastewater treatment stations
  • Industry: cooling towers, extended water systems
  • Hotels, amusement parks: hotels, campsites, spas/ swimming pools, water parks, leisure parks, schools
  • Public/ healthcare buildings: hospitals, retirement homes, other healthcare facilities
  • Marine environments: freight ships, cruise ships
  • Outdoor: decorative fountains, washing stations, exterior misting/ fogging, watering

Product Manager

Nuno Paula