Oil cooling units

Spectacularly improved energy-saving inverter oil cooling unit, Daikin core inverter control technology developed for air conditioner adapted.

High-accuracy temperature control and first class energy-saving are achieved by fusing “Hydraulic Technology” and “Inverter Technology”.
Reduced delivery lead times are attained by listing all optional specifications as semi-standard.

Oil Cooling Unit for Tool Machines - Immersion Open Type

Principal of Oil Cooling Unit and Outline of the General system

Why do machine tools require Oil Cooling Units?

Heat is generated by headstock bearing and gears of machine tools.
The entire main spindle heats up and the spindle deviates from the center of the column and head, which results in poor accuracy.
This is 40~70% of the reason that there are differences in temperature among machine parts.
Oil Cooling unit will control heat generation at the headstock, and the thermal deviation will be eliminated.
An Cooling unit lubricates the headstock gears and removes the heat generated. This function is helpful to improve machine accuracy.

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