Conexões e Flanges (STAUFF)


The STAUFF Flanges product group is closely aligned with the market requirements and contains an extensive range of single-part and multi-part SAE flange connectors in the standard and high pressure series according to SAE J 518 C and ISO 6162-1/2.

The standard-Pressure Series (3000 PSI) contains flange components with maximum operating pressures between 35 bar and 350 bar or 508 PSI and 5075 PSI and is available for a variety of nominal sizes between DN 13 (1/2") and DN 127 (5").

The 6.000 PSI High-Pressure Series is suitable for maximum operating pressures up to 400 bar or 6090 PSI and covers nominal sizes between DN 13 (1/2")and DN 76 (3"),

STAUFF SAE Flanges are used as a reliable alternative in applications where of the use of regular tube fittings is not permitted or technically not possible due to the required operating pressure, the size or the limited mounting space.

Compared to tube fittings, the biggest advantage of SAE Flanges is the considerably higher pressure resistance for most sizes and the continuous pressure level in the High-Pressure Series (6000 PSI).

The STAUFF Flanges product group in completed by various types and designs of gear pump flanges made from carbon steel and aluminium in accordance with German and Italian connection standards.


The STAUFF Connect product group is closely aligned with the market requirements and contains an extensive range of tube connectors made of carbon steel for metric tubes with outer diameters ranging from 4 to 42 mm in accordance with ISO 8434-1 / DIN 2353:

The product range is completed by check and alterna ting valves for inline installation, thread reducers as well as blanking plugs and screws. Special product types and sizes as well as alternative materials, material combinations and surface coatings deviating from the standards can be supplied on request.

Automated assembly machinery and hardened, wearresistant tools enable the reliable assembly of tube connectors – both for series production in the workshop and on-site.

Because of its versatility and flexibility, the patented STAUFF Form tube forming system is undoubtedly the best solution for series production, in particular for applications with highest requirements with regards to safety, reliability and repeatability as well as process stability.

For the finishing of the tube connector range in carbon steel, STAUFF relies on the STAUFF Zinc/Nickel surface coating which has proven successful for many years. It provides reliable surface protection – even after transport, handling and assembly – and meets all current legal requirements.

Portable Cutting Ring Assembly Machine

The battery-operated STAUFF Press Assembly Machine SPR-PRC-H-M, provides an ergonomically designed, light-weight and at the same time robust device for the assembly of cutting rings in the Light Series (L) as well as in the Heavy Series (S) according to ISO 8434-1 / DIN 2353 on metric tube ends with outer diameters from 6 mm to 42 mm.

The machine has been designed for hand-held, tripod- or table-mounted operation and offers the best technical compromise between maximum flexibility, economic efficiency and a high level of  process reliability with considerable reduction of time and cost for the assembly of cutting ring fittings. 

Short tool change and setup times (with only a few seconds required to manually adjust the assembly pressure) make it possible to carry out the assembly of medium and even small quantities of cutting ring fittings, e.g. during maintenance, servicing, conversion and repair works on hydraulic pipe and tube systems. With the rechargeable battery being able to typically cover more than 200 assembly cycles per charge (depending on pressure settings and other influencing factors), the machine is also suitable for mass processing and production.

The assembly machine is by default supplied in a heavy-duty trolley transport case that is equipped with a range of accessories and also provides suitable space for the assembly studs.