Lubrication systems (BEKA)

Lubrication systems for industrial applications

BEKA develops and produces lubrication systems for each kind of industrial plant - from compact production machine up to large production lines.

This reduces not only wear and tear but also costs.

Lubrication systems for vehicles and machines

All products in this range are designed with the durability required for harsh environments found on trucks, agricultural and construction machinery as well as floor conveyors. These progressive systems are designed to handle standard greases.

Area of application: suitable for all mobile applications, such as trucks, construction machines, agricultural machines and floor conveyors.

Lubrication systems for mining machines

BEKAmining offers application-specific solutions for vehicles, machines and plants all around the mining area. Suitable are single line systems (injectors), dual line systems and progressive systems. The sectional system divides large plants with many lubrication points into sections, which can be supplied and monitored as required.

Area of application: suitable for all mining applications, such as mine excavators, dumpers, spreaders, conveyors.

Lubrication systems for rail vehicles and solutions for heavy industries

With rail vehicles, wear on the wheels and the rail itself is a major problem together with the noise generated. The application of a FluiLub system using thixotropic lubricating media with a high solids content represents the solution to these problems.

Area of application: Flange lubrication for all rail vehicles, light rail or heavy rail, such as streetcars, underground trains, trains and cranes; minimal lubrication for anti-friction bearings and bearing seals, such as rolling mill stands, skin passings and roller tables.

Lubrication systems for packaging and filling industries

The FOODLINE product group fulfils all the requirement for centralised lubrication systems in the packaging and filling industry. Innovative dry lube systems put an end to high water consumption, hygienic problems and damaged packings.

Area of application: a wide range of applications in the packaging and filling industry can be served with lubricant, such as conveyors, packaging machines, labelling machines and washing machines.

Lubrication systems for wind converters

Wind converters are subject to high mechanical loads. They have to work with absolute reliability. Break down due to lack of lubrication is an avoidable failure. Without automatical maintenance system these high demands can hardly be fulfilled.

Area of application: to supply all lubrication points of wind converters, such as blade bearings, generator bearings, yaw bearings and drive pinions.



Product Manager

Paulo Faustino