Shhark® gear pumps (TUROLLA)

Turolla shhark®

With a simple but sophisticated solution offers Turolla pump, which is not only quieter but also has other advantages over conventional gear pumps. A number of patents on the gears for quiet operation even after hours of use under heavy load. Change the shape of the meshing gears has allowed a significant increase in efficiency of the pump. 

  • The pump allows the reduction of costs associated with external damping elements and limiting noise machine
  • Pump shhark® reduces noise by 4dB (A) compared with the classic gear pump. As the scale of the noise level in dB (A) is logarithmic, this reduction has a 3 dB (A) is twice the noise reduction 
  • These pumps are ideal for applications that require low noise levels combined with high efficiency, such as scissor lifts and platforms operating inside the production facilities and equipment for the transport of materials, equipment and agricultural machinery such as tractors, food processing facilities, etc.

Turolla shhark continuum®

If the total noise reduction is required for your application, the pump shhark continuum® is the perfect solution. Unique, advanced pump design results in an astonishing noise reduction of 15dB (A). That is up to five times! noise reduction with respect to conventional gear pumps. The design of the gears and a drastic reduction of pressure pulsations or vibrations of the pump, resulting in reduced noise. Exterior of the pump is very similar to the classic gear pumps, which allows for full interchangeability of pumps in most machines. 

  • The pump has an effective and reliable system of compensation of axial play which reduces gear wear and allows for a longer maintain full efficiency of the pump
  • The main advantage of noise reduction of 15dB (A) is the lack of need for damping elements and noise in the machine, which reduces costs and saves space in the machine, especially near the drive motor
  • Thanks to the high efficiency at low engine speeds and advantages of very low noise pump shhark continuum® is the ideal solution for demanding applications in the transport of materials, agriculture, industrial equipment where special attention is treated to protect the environment against noise. 
Diagram showing the effectiveness of noise reduction in pumps shhark® and shhark continuum® compared to traditional gear pumps

Product Manager

Paulo Faustino