Radial piston pumps RKP (MOOG)

The Moog Radial Piston Pump, also known as RKP, has served the industrial market for over three decades and is widely known for its robust and reliable design. 

RKP stands for reliability, low noise and durability.

RKP-D with digital control

The Radial Piston Pump with Digital Control is an electro-hydraulic version of the RKP with a fieldbus interface. It is the flexile and advanced solution for machine applications requiring high dynamics and reliability such as injection molding and metal forming machinery.


The new RKP-II is particularly well suited to applications where power, low noise and robust design, in combination with precision and speed are needed.

With a number of innovative features we have been able to reduce both the primary and secondary noise level from the RKP-II.

For sizes 32, 63 and 80 cm3/rev, the number of of pistons have been increased from 7 to 9, reducing the working piston diameter, leading to lower dynamic transverse forces acting on the housing.

In addition, in the RKP-II, the round stroke ting is replaced by a sliding stroke ring which is supported inside the pump housing, minimizing the wear of the internal components.

The control technology has also been significant improved with a new integral closed-loop proportional valve, with digital on-board electronics for flow and pressure regulation, tuning and diagnostics.

RKP-II for low-flammability fluids

Special for low-flammability fluids HFA, HFB, HFC and HFD.

RKP 250

A new version of the Moog Radial Piston pump is now available with variable displacements up to 250 cm3 for applications requiring high system pressures up to 350 bar such as metal forming machinery and presses, heavy industry and plastics machinery.

The pump is design to be used in open-circuit systems, has a large suction port and a flow-optimized suction path, ensuring robust suction behaviour, a high speed limit and low noise.

RKP 140

The RKP 140 is the product choice for dynamic control of hydraulic flow and pressure.

The pump is now available in a high-pressure version for maximum operating pressure of 350 bar and peak pressure up to 420 bar, according to ISO 5598.

The range of sizes now includes 19, 32, 63, 80, 140 and 250 cm3/rev pumps.

  • RKP-II
  • RKP-D

Product Manager

Paulo Faustino